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How to identify the quality of non-woven fabric


With the increasing demand of consumers for natural and environmentally friendly products, non-woven wallpaper has been universally welcomed by consumers with its environmental characteristics. Consumers face many of the wallpaper products, especially in the business of excessive publicity, be sure to understand the characteristics of non-woven wallpaper and method of choose and buy, carefully choose and buy high quality products.

Is nonwoven wallpaper green?

Nonwoven wallpaper is a new kind of green and environmental wallpaper material of the international superclass. It is a kind of wallpaper which is made of natural plant fibers such as cotton and hemp.

Compared with other materials of wallpaper, nonwoven wallpaper has good air permeability, fine texture, and rich colors and patterns. The home furnishing consultants introduced non-woven fabric wallpaper made from cotton, hemp and other natural plant fibers. The industry is known as the "breathing wallpaper", which is a new type of green and environmental protection material, which is harmless to the human body and environment, which is completely in compliance with environmental safety standards.

Because of non-woven products color pure, visual comfortable, tactile soft, sound breathable, elegant and elegant, it is the best choice for high - grade family decoration. Compared with ordinary wall paper, it is easier to post, more waterproof, less easy to sew, no warping, and the seams are intact, natural quality, fragrant aroma, fashion style.

How to buy non-woven wallpaper?

Non-woven wallpaper has various advantages, smell fragrant, fashion style, and green environmental protection, apply to the space such as sitting room, bedroom, especially for chips are children, the children room posted non-woven wallpaper is beneficial to the health of children.

Look: look at patterns and densities

Look at the pattern and density, through the color of the non-woven fabric wallpaper and materials, to identify the non-woven nonwoven wallpaper. The home furnishing adviser introduces especially this kind of fiber made non-woven wallpaper, its density is crucial.

Touch: toughness and touch

Touch touch and toughness non-woven wallpaper thickness is proportional to the quality, not necessarily non-woven paper feel is very important, soft and fine that density is higher, the opposite hard coarse its density is lower, flexibility is not easy to break that are of good quality and conversely inferior quality.

Three checks: check environmental protection

To smell the smell of the non-woven wallpaper that is simple, the smaller the more environmentally friendly non-woven wallpaper smell smell no odor, even some inferior non-woven wallpaper will be a pungent odor, and such non-woven wallpaper resolute can't buy. It is important to note that some merchants claim their products with the smell of the fragrance, this kind of product can also be environmental substandard products, the most important thing to notice in this section is tasteless product, is not without excitant odour.

4 soak: anti - mildew proof water resistance

Drop a few drops of water on the surface of non-woven wallpaper, or non-woven wallpaper completely soaked in water permeable performance non-woven wallpaper, can discern the stand or fall of non-woven wallpaper, good non-woven wallpaper in the use of the process in the future will not moldy because of flooding. After the drop of water, paper dry the watermarks on the surface of the nonwoven wallpaper to see if there are any discolored conditions, especially the brightly colored non-woven wallpaper. Some consumers worry about non-woven wallpaper will shrink, unify furniture household consultants in fact as long as the waterproof performance is guaranteed, non-woven wallpaper and completes the moistureproof processing in metope, non-woven wallpaper in use process is the basic won't shrink.

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