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Characteristics and advantages of artificial turf

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  Artificial Grass with multiple USES

  Good elasticity and traction to make artificial grass is suitable for the ideal material, widely used in all kinds of sports venues by many world class players recognized as reducing foot and knee injuries, one of the best ground material widely used in football field, tennis courts, fitness, basketball courts, track, golf courses and other places of all kinds of sports.

  The characteristics of artificial lawn

  The effect of the whole day: completely uninfluenced, greatly improves the use efficiency of the site, and can be used in extreme weather such as high cold and high temperature.

  Evergreen: when natural grass enters the dormant stage, artificial grass still gives you the feeling of spring.

  Environmental protection: all the materials are in compliance with environmental protection requirements.

  Simulation: artificial grass is produced by bionics principle. The directness and hardness of the lawn makes the user have no difference in the natural grass, and the flexibility is good and the feet are comfortable.

  Durability: durable and easy to fade, especially for primary and secondary schools with high frequency.

  Economy: construction is simple, can be laid in asphalt, cement, hard sand field, basically have no maintenance cost.

  The advantages of artificial lawn

  1. Low cost, good quality and beautiful appearance;

  2. Convenient installation and no environmental pollution;

  3. Both cement and asphalt foundation can be used;

  4. No moss, no rot, no discoloration of sun and rain;

  5. Good drainage performance, and the boundary line should be planted in the factory primary, not worn.

  6. Like real grass, with the feeling of greening; The variety is complete, the grass length can choose according to the actual use.

  7. The overall layout of artificial grass sports ground is beautiful, with high efficiency, long life, and durable and easy to maintain.

  8. The artificial grass is environmentally friendly, the finished product construction, the duration is fixed and shorter, the quality is easy to master, the acceptance is simple, does not need too much professional knowledge.

  9. Artificial pasture utilization rate is high, both shock, with no noise, safe and non-toxic, full of elasticity, flame retardant performance is good wait for a characteristic, very suitable for school, is currently the best activities, training, competition venues.

  The artificial lawn takes the concept of safe protection, so it can avoid sports injury. It provides sufficient cushioning to reduce the risk of injury to the foot in general, leaving you completely unconcerned about the grounds.

  11. The foundation does not adhere to the surface layer. The cost of reinvestment is low when the service life of the face layer expires.

  12. The clearance of the lawn is used in a clean and high proportion of quartz sand, so that students have the opportunity to get close to the soil without contaminate the environment and the body and avoid some cleaning troubles.

  13. Direct preparation is adopted without the need for frequent scribing, easy maintenance and almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

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