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Good safety performance of artificial lawn sports ground

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  The artificial lawn sports ground has the advantages of all-weather, weather-resistance, recovery, breathability and water permeability, economy, sound absorption and noise reduction, long green simulation and multi-purpose.

  Artificial turf sports ground is safe. Artificial turf sports venues by using the principle of the medical and kinematics, the sports exercise on the lawn, ligaments, muscles, joints, etc. Are protected, falls down impluse force and friction is greatly reduced. The various lines of the artificial lawn sports field have been used in the production of the white grass seedlings once to form a green product, it does not contain any harmful substances, and has the function of absorbing noise.

  Artificial lawn sports ground multi-purpose. The artificial lawn is colorful and durable, and the artificial lawn can be matched with the surrounding environment and buildings. It is the best choice for sports venues, leisure yards and rooftop gardens.

  Excellent physical and chemical characteristics of artificial turf sports ground, man-made lawn in production USES a number of modern science and technology, the artificial lawn product tensile strength, strong degree, flexibility, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, color fastness, etc have reached a quite high level. In addition, Artificial Grass pull, seepage, elasticity is very high, after heavy rain 20 minutes or so can drain clean.

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