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How does artificial turf choose grass height and density?

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  Many people pay attention to the grass height and density of Artificial Grass when buying artificial grass, and even think that the higher the density of artificial lawn, the better the quality. In fact, while ensuring the comfort of the lawn, the grass is high and dense, which is not directly proportional to the quality. The height and density of artificial grass determine the price of artificial grass, because these two parameters reflect the amount of materials used. The higher the height, the higher the density, the higher the price.

  So how do you choose the artificial lawn?

  In fact, when choosing the height and density of grass, you need to combine the conditions to consider. Choose proud - sports turf, for example, if it is used as a football field, generally choose 50 mm high grass, needle density of 9450 per square metre of monofilament grass, after filling filler, ensure to set aside an appropriate grass and yarn density high, this is a football field test standards; Used for fitness, golf, track and other venues, you will need to adopt keyed elastic, easy to maintain the lawn, usually this ground wire grass height between 10 mm to 25 mm, density relative to the football field, football field, baseball.

  If is to choose a proud leisure, landscape decoration lawn, park, garden, shopping malls, hotels, etc., can choose a 30 mm high (5 mm to increase or decrease a class), the density of 16800 needle straight curved mixing leisure lawn/square metre, high density, low grass, so tie-in straight weaving technology, guarantee the soles of the feet feel very comfortable.

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